Charitable NGO
Joy of the Childhood

Charitable NGO "Joy of the Childhood"

«Because everyone deserves to experience joy of the childhood in every age...»

NGO "Joy of the Childhood" (JoY) is youth organization which works with youth, kids and women. Our main objects of work are delivering opportunities for youth & kids with the help of non-formal education (training courses, exchanges, workshops, seminars, presentations etc.); organizing charitable campains and activities to support those who are in need; work with local orphanages, boarding-schools; informational campaigns on the important social issues and challanges youth people are facing with. Also we are working for women empowerment especially in term of self-development and getting new skills. With our activities we are building tolerand and peaceful society with inclusive communities.

On 28th of February 2011 we decided to start our journey into improvement of sharing joy with people from Lutsk City (Ukraine).

During our 5 years of work we made many of good deeds, which were supported by personal donations and such foundations like Ukrainian Women`s Fund, Foundation of Kondakov, European Cultural Foundation, Council of Europe European Youth Foundation.